jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

About her.

Who is she?
Her name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but everybody calls her Katy Perry.

Where is she from?
She's from California, EEUU.

What does she do?
She is a American musician.

Where does she work?
Around the world, because she is a singer and is often giving concerts in everywhere.

What's she like?
She's tall, long black hair, she has blue eyes and she likes dressing with bright in colors.
What can she do?
She can sing perfectly, and also dance, all her videos are hillarious, and she has a good sense of humor. She presented MTV awards twice, and she works for the world peace too.

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

What is she wearing?

Her name is Katy Perry, she's wearing a black mini skirt, a grey beautiful blouse, with a pair of pink boats and a black hat.

I think the black mini skirt may cost 13.99$, the blouse may cost 79$ and the boots 20$.

About what am I wearing?

Con el link que a continuacion publico, puede descargar el SONIDO de la actividad.


Four rooms in my house.

1) My living room:
The first picture is of my house's living room, there are two sofas, a coffe table, a TV on the desk and two lamps.

2) My dinning room:
The 2nd picture is of my house's dinning room, there is a dinner table, four chairs, there is also a lamp on a little desk.

3) My kitchen:
The third picture is of my house's kitchen: there is a oven, there is a dishwasher, two lamps, and few cabinets, some flowers and fruits.

4) My bathroom:
In my house's bathroom there is a sink, there is a hottub, and there is a toilet.

This is my room: there is a beautiful bed, one pillow and some sheets, there is also a night table and a lamp. Next to the bed there is a closet, a computer, a chair, a bookcase. There are three rugs on the floor. 

This is my favorite room because there is where I spend the most time, I rest and relax there... I'm on internet and that is my little peace of heaven.

About my house.

Yualcy: Hi Desire...
Desire: Hi Yualcy... Come in!
Yualcy: Thanks, Hey this is a nice house!
Desire: Yeah, and it's only $400 a month.
Yualcy: Really? That's not bad! How many rooms are there?
Desire: There are seven rooms: two bedroom, two bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a dinning room.
Yualcy: I see, is there a garage?
Desire: No, but my bedroom is sobit.
Yualcy: That's great.

My house.

I live in a house. My neighborhood is so quiet. In my house there are seven rooms: there is a kitchen, there are two bathroom, two bedroom, a living room and dinning room.